Piece of my heart please?

Thats right...Nate took another piece of my heart yesterday.

Setting: In the car on the way to eat

Game: I say it...you say it

Mama: Nate your silly

Nate: You silly mama

Mama: Your a goose

Nate: your a goose

Mama: Your my silly goose

Nate: Your MY silly goose

Mama: Your my ChooChoo PooPoo (you'll have to read older posts to get this one)

Nate: I not ChooChoo PooPoo

Mama: Mama silly! Silly Mama

Nate: Mama not silly. Mama PERFECT! You perfect mama!!! Mama perfect!

I KNOW! I KNOW! I seriously felt part of my heart fly out and land with Nate!

I think this definetly goes to the top of the heart list -- along with him walking into the bathroom and telling me that I was beautiful!!! I have to say that this trait definetly comes from his daddy! Kids really see NO flaws. (I have to admit that I was thinking how I should have touched up my makeup before we left ot eat...but after the sweetness that came out of my little mans mouth I didn't care!)


3 Quick thoughts:

mblance said...

What a sweetie!! Doesn't it just make your heart melt???


Team Carroll said...

FINALLY logged in...YAY!!! PS: All of the pics are RIDICULOUS!!! SO good!! I especially love this one of you and Nate!! This is seriously the gift that keeps on giving! I'm glad we can share the obsession ;) PSS: Why did this sweet story make me tear up?!?!?! I CAN'T WAIT for Landon to *hopefully* start saying the same things to me!!! Too cute! Love ya!

Dawn said...

That's so precious!!!