Take me out to the ball game...

Well, according to the Wright family, summer is officially here!!! Nate loves sports almost just as much as he loves music! In fact he chants "Go Tech!" when ever Tony and I are watching ANY sporting event. Tonight we had our own little baseball game in the back yard! He was rolling in the grass and running around the deck laughing ALL night. He actually did a FANTASTIC job for his first time to swing at a ball coming at him. He hit about every 3rd ball that we threw and was able to get the ball around us when he threw! This was really fun and a beautiful night to be outside. Nate loves outside and we actually were talking about how we don't remember the last time we played inside instead of out. His toys are so lonely, but they will just have to wait. Because SUMMER is HERE!!!

Nate throwing the ball.

Ummm...this might have been his first try...looks like he's having fun :)

Much better! He actually hit the ball in this shot!

He hit this one aswell! The ball is flying away and his pants are falling down! Yikes!!! Thank God for adjustable waists!!!

Dada and Nate celebrating!!! This is Priceless!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Wright Ballpark!


2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

How fun!!! Nate looks like he was having a blast!

mblance said...

I can't believe how big he is getting...such a little boy now!! Too cute!