life!!! This is the only thing I can come up with on why it has been SO long! School has come to an end and I have had SO much fun these last couple of weeks. I will start from the beginning...

A couple of my AWESOME parents put together a pizza party for my class and I. It was alot of fun! Poor Nate kept asking whos birthday it was. I had so much fun hanging out with my kids from school. This has had to be the best class that I have EVER had!!! Get this...I never once had to talk to a parent about someones behavior! I know that is unbelievable! I really think the kids will be friends forever!

At the pizza party I received my gifts from the class. One of the moms had each student make 2 pages for me and then placed them into a scrapbook for me. I also received a WAY to generous gift to my favorite place to shop (hobbylobby)! It was a great night and alot of fun!

Nate by Spiderman!
WOW! That is alot of pizza!!!
My Scrapbook!!!!
We went through each page :)
We end each day with a cheer so it was only fitting that we end the party that way too!!!
(our cheer was Yeah to a good year) The kids come up with it each time :)


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