Staff Picnic

We had a great time at our staff picnic! I mean who doesn't have fun at a PICNIC!!!
Just a fun Pic!Could pass up a good picture op!!!
Nate and LJ!

Cara and LJ! (No worries Cara I will definetly get this to you!)
Cara and Lisa
Come here little ducky!!! I got bread for you!!!

What are YOU looking at?!?!?

Our Lauren!!! We will miss you!!! You are going to be an AWESOME mama!!!

Our newest team member Britney!

Nate LOVES Lisa!!!


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Team Carroll said...

Such good pics!! I'm stealing the one of my and little man, so don't be surprised when you see it pop up on my page :) And...do you really not like the layout?? I think it's precious!! Seriously!! Love ya girl!! Let's do lunch...er, dinner...soon!!