Girls Night out!!!

If you know me you know how much I absolutley LOVE my girls at work! We have really became life long friends. We like to say we are like family. Each and everyone of us would bend over backwards for each other. I am SO lucky to work with such an awesome team!!! Each one of us have different personalities andstrengths and when they are combined you get some FANTASTIC teachers and ideas. I couldn't be the teacher I am without these girls!!!

(I've got your back Jill) and (I will be there too Margie)
(I can calm anyone down and I always lend a smile Lauren)

(Best Team Leader & What can WE do about this Cara) & (I tell you as it is...but you still love me Lisa)

The crazy Lisa (this is really how she is all the time :))

Sharin pics of the LJ

The most AWESOME team EVER!!!!
PS: I'm the pale one in the center...seriously girls I totally missed the tanning memo!!! (YIKES)


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