Kindergarten PARRRTTYYY!!!

WOW!!! I know school is over but I keep thinking about the FANTASTIC end of the year party we were able to have for kindergarten this year. The teachers were able to organize and shop for the party...and I have to say it was a blast!!! We already know what we will be doing next year at this time and it could only get better from here. I think the neatest thing is that the kids made "MOST" of the decorations and really got into it aswell! We even had a mom who knows how to hula bring music and taught the kiddos how to hula. It was really cute to watch them. Many of them even got so good they could do it while the hula hooped!

"Goodies" tableBubble fun
Our Hula girl!
Decorations on the drink table
Cara and I
The drink table

Even the kiddos got into it!
Lisa doing her hula!
Mrs. Lauren...isn't she precious!!!
Fun door decorations
Sick I know!!!

Um....yep...thats where all the fruit snacks went!

Yummy Fruit cocktail!
Tiki's were EVERWHERE!!!!
The cones gave the kids a boundary and the tikis gave a fun decoration around the perimeter!



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