Happy Father's Day!!!

Dear Tony,

When I met you, you truly became my big teddy bear. I knew you would watch out for me, care for me, and love me with all your heart. My mom told me that the love of my life would be someone who was a big man and would ALWAYS treat me as his treasure. It was like she could see the future! If anything goes wrong you are there standing by me or charging ahead to fix it. You are a fantastic husband and the best friends that I could ask for.

On July 19th we will not only get to celebrate our wonderful five years together, but celebrate Nathan's 3rd birthday. I remember how special every moment was to me while I had the privilege of carrying Nate. You were there for everything, from the crazy amounts of sonos to the numerous doctor appointments. Not to mention how you sang to him each night (I really feel that it was in the womb that Nathan found the love of music from you!) I wish I had been able to video you when Nathan was brought into the would. You became a little boy on Christmas day. Your grin was from ear to ear and you wouldn't leave Nate's side. This has not changed and you are a fantastic Dada (we know not to say daddy :)). Nathan loves his Dada. It is really neat to see my best friend morph into such a wonderful Dada and best friend to our son! I know that Nate will be a awesome man and a wonderful Christian. Thank you!!!

We love you Dada!!!
Dear dad,

Thank you for showing us what we deserve! You are an awesome foundation to have come from. You and mom were strong. You are a wonderful story and have taught your children to write their own great stories. We knew what to expect out of our spouses and wouldn't settle for less. It was awesome knowing exactly what to look for in a husband and know that it would transfer into a great dad! It worked!!! Thank you dad (PAW PAW)! We love you!!!

Happy fathers day!!!

Dear Tim,

You set an example for your son that has made him into the person he is today. Thank you! He is a wonderful husband and a fantastic Dada. He is always here for us and is truly the strength in our family. You and Carol prayed for him to find someone, but the truth be told someone was searching for him! I am blessed that I found him!!! We Love You G-dad!!!

Happy Father's Day!

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Dawn said...

Very Sweet! Love ya!

Dianna said...

Your love shines through your words. We love you all. -Nana