Even the man on the moon is smiling

Do you see it? I took this picture while we were playing outside the other night. I think that the moon saw how much fun we were having!!! We eat outside ALOT now (and will eat out there even more after our table from Jacksons is delivered). Nate is an outside kid so we just bring dinner outside. He LOVES it!!!

This is one of the yummy meals that Tony grilled for us this past week!

(we might have gone a little overboard on the food...but it was great for lunch)

We added speakers outside and often lounge back and/or dance to the music. Nate often is making up his own moves. This is his newest one.

Thats the right stuff!!!
Everybody is trying it!!!
The next big thing!!! Our ROCK STAR!!!

Look how into it he is!!!

Crazy fast!!!

Here are some random dancing pics from another night. I grew up pushing the furniture back and dancing. We hope Nate has will have the great memories as well!

Why yes...his pants are on backwards...welcome to the I do it stage

P.s - Any shoes that were on the wrong feet in any of the above pictures were put there by our little man!!!


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mblance said...

Love the new blog layout...too cute! So now I am caught up on your life! Nate is precious and oh how I remember the I do it stage...in fact, it never goes away. Hope you are having a great summer so far...we all need to get together for a milkshake or two!!