Jazz, art & wine..where could you go wrong?!?!

This Sunday we joined up with some friends of ours for the Jazz and Arts festival in downtown Mckinney. We had a BLAST!!! Nate really liked everything about the festival. He even rode a pony while at the fair. While I know this will not be his last horse to ride this summer (Jumping "J" here we come! (Aunt Sue and Uncle Jack's ranch)) it was great to see him ride with such confidence. No pictures...well that can be blamed on the awesome new camara. I am usually really good at charging the battery but...well...it died on me :(. (The beauty of a great camara is that I get to spend the rebate on another battery,,,so no worries it WON'T happen again) But no fear I was able to capture some great ones before the silly battery died!!!

The yummy tasting at the Landon Winery (Don't you just LOVE that name;)!)

Just a fun pic :)
Festival happy!!!

The tasting "room"

Whats up???
John and Tiffany

Tony and I

LOVE this pic!

Fruit snacks yummy yummy (sung to the wiggles song)

Daddy & Nate

Nate waiting patiently

Sitting very still

Not even flinching
Can't look at you mama...

Dinosaur is serious mama!

Oh...when we asked him what the dino's name was he told us...ROAR!!!!
Wally will be scared Dada!!!
Sadly this was half way thru and then...well we know the end of the story :)!
We had a great time!!!

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Team Carroll said...

Great pics!! I'm SO bummed...I completely forgot about the festival!!! We really wanted to go! Bummer!! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!! Whenever you can spend some time at a place called 'Landon Winery', I'm pretty sure you're guaranteed lots of fun!! Where do you think we got the name?! Just kidding :) Love ya!