2 years ago...(Wayne and Garth would be proud)

We were celebrating Nate's 1st birthday! The "theme" was Zoo and it was just what our "Little Monkey" needed!!! He was awesome at his 1st birthday. He napped right up to the time of the party and was wide eyed and ready when everyone started arriving. There was so much to celebrate about with the 1st year of being a complete family!

One of my favorite memories was my first Mother's Day. Tony went and had pictures taken of him and Nate! I will treasure these pictures FOREVER!!!
Nate was a happy and healthy baby! (Can you believe that we NEVER spent a night up with him!) He was one of the best babies that we had ever heard of :). We were very blessed that Nathan progressed and developed on level. He was always on the go and this has definetly not changed! He started walking 2 weeks after his 1st birthday and the "walk" was more like a RUN.

First word: Dada (we could hear him talking in the monitor)

First step: Happened with Tony & I around

First diaper blowout: On the way to DC on the 1st day of school

First after first after first!!! We LOVED watching Nate grow and change.

The 4th of July was very wet! We spent the weekend at the ranch and the 4th with our friends...it was really fun (and rainy)!

Nate absolutely LOVED his little red car! Infact he still loves to drive...just different wheels!

Nate wasn't too interested in opening gift at his first birthday, but he stayed around to please mama :) This has definetly changed!!!

Nana made the cake, and it was scrumptious!!! We really enjoyed the first year and were very excited to see what the next year would bring!


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Dawn said...

I forgot how light his hair was, but those dark brown eyes have stayed the same!!