3 years ago...(Dream Waves ^^^^^^^^)

We were awaiting the day that we would meet the precious little boy that we had already come to love. Tony and I were very lucky to get to see his perfect little frame every week for the last two months (do to a VERY small case of High Blood Pressure) that I carried Nathan and we could not wait for him to enter our lives. We were brought into the hospital at 12:00am on July 18th to be induced. Tony was already pacing and we were told that we would need to get rest for next day. Thanks to some wonderful stuff I slept the night away (sorry honey) and was only awakened when they were ready to start the potosin drip.

The day went as scheduled I was able to stand, dance, giggle and enjoy every second of my labor. Our families were in the room until time to push and it was great being able to have all the memories of the day captured. At 5:30pm I was told it was ago and we could begin pushing. Nate was delivered at 8:19pm with a waiting room full of friends and family waiting to spoil him. Nathan joined our family on our 2nd wedding anniversary. The best gift that Tony could have EVER given me!!!

I will never forget the look on Tony's face when Nate was brought up to join us. His face showed every thought that was running through my head! We had a connection with Nate the second he joined us. Tony has been able to calm Nate down from the first second that God blessed us with him, and still has such a special bond with Nathan.

Nate and Dada just seconds old!

Nana and Mimi

Nana and G-dad

Nana & PawPaw

Mama and Nate (I had a reaction to the pain meds that they gave right after Nate was born...it made my nose blow up like a balloon!)

Aunt Chelle and Aunt Chris

Aunt Dawn

Here are a few things that I will always remember about the first couple of months:

1. We were actually allowed just to walk out of the hospital with Nate!

2. I shouldn't have asked for the first night at home be only us!!!

3. Trying to understand what each sound meant.

4. The huge Stork garden that grew outside of our home :)

5. Wanting to hold Nate ALL the time.

6. Nate always had his eyes wide open unless he was asleep.

7. Being sprayed NUMEROUS times by what God gave him.

8. When would the "sticky poop" end?

9. Mylecon! Mylecon! Mylecon!

10. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire is on at 3am

11. Tony was SO patient and would hold Nate, burp Nate & check on Nate at ANYTIME of Night! (Without even a huff) I am SO lucky!!!

Aunt Sue Sue & Uncle Jack

Gracie and Nate (this was my favorite outfit of Nates!)

Our little man!


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Dawn said...

Wow! It is so neat to look back and see little man Nate.