Is it a bird? A plane? No...It's Super Nate!!!

Here is the invite that was sent out :) The front is on top and the back is on the bottom.

Nathan's birthday went off without a "villian" in sight! My very sweet sister took pictures for me so that I could focus on Nate and the party...there are SO many GREAT photos that I have been contemplating how I wanted to blog them!!!
So I decided to give the ABC's of Nate turning 3...here it goes!

Warning: The post you are about to read might be a little on the long side, so get comfy!
Awesome Cake - Thanks Nana - This was definetly a one of a kind cake!

Birthday Boy - All we have heard for the last 4 months is that Nates birthday was coming up...I think that we accomplished letting him know it was his birthday:)

Capes - My mom gave me the idea of using large napkins and I have to say that it was the most brilliant idea EVER!!! They were a cinch to put together and gave me more time to focus on different things!

Decorations - I find it funny that you never notice how much stuff you can find for a given theme until you begin to plan a party!!! I could have gone "CRAZY"! I really jumped for joy when I found that there WERE some digital scrapbook sets out there that were for "superheros"!

Enough said... - Even the adults got into character!!! Sorry Christie...you allowed photos :)

Friends & Family - What is a party without your closest family and friends?!?!? Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful birthday for Nate!!!

Gift Bags - Now this is definetly an area that I could have gone wild with...so many neat things out there :)

Hot Hot Hot - Temperature? I never did get around to looking at what the high ended up being, but it was HOT!!!

Incognito - Nobody ever knew that Gracie was Super Woman...

Justice League - Leave them alone with a camara for just a little while and...

Kank you (Said in Nate voice)- Nana for a Great cake & Aunt Dawn for taking such great pictures!!!
Like Father, Like Son - I have definetly seen these dance moves before :)

Mimi & G-dad - Thank you SO much for all your help! I loved the 5th ann. flowers & card!
Nana & PawPaw (and Unckie Mike AKA best water balloon filler in the west!) - Wow y'all showed up at the perfect time!!! Thank you SO much!!! P.s - Did I mention how much I LOVED the most perfect cake EVER!?!?!
Operation...Too Cute moments -

Seriously Lauren!!!

Present Time - Better known as "look at how much people spoil me time"...seriously friends Nate racked up!!! Y'all are TOO sweet!

Quick Super Nate, blow out the candles before Super Man gets it! - I absolutely LOVED how the candle melted!!!

Roudy - Ummmmm...it was a party right!!!

Slip & Slide! - I think Uncle Lance has found a new job!

Two Peas in a Pod - Best Friends Forever!

Unbelievable food - Thanks Dada!

Victory Dance -

Wet & Wild - Hot + Water = AWWWWWWW

Excellent time - Thank you EVERYONE!!!! Nate is still talking about his party like it was yesterday!!! - These are some of my favorite photos that my cousin Christie captured!

All the hand prints are at the same height.

Yawn - One TIRED little birthday boy!

Zoo - What my house looked like afterwards!!! It was TOTALLY worth it!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday Nate!!!


3 Quick thoughts:

mblance said...

Looks like Nate had a blast!! Wish we could have been there!! We need to get together soon!


Christine said...

OMGosh!!!! How FUN!!!!! :) Happy Birthday, Nate!!!! Ann Elizabeth sends her love! :)

Pillowgirl said...

WOW What an awesome party! I loved the capes and decorations, you are one crafty lady!