I have a blog????

Why didn't anybody tell me???

Sorry I've been away sooo long :) I had to choose between the computer and Nate, and well...Nate and I have had a great time!!!

I am working on MANY "catchup" blogs when I have time (it is very sparse) and will hopefully have them up soon, so keep checking back!

But I had to post my new favorite find!!! Tony has been trying to get me to read a couple of the blogs he enjoys for some time now, and I finally dived in and I am addicted!!!

The first is: My favorite is the August 11th! I think this is a pet peeve of mine :) It is really funny! I'm pretty sure everyone knows someone like this:)

The second is:

www.amalah.com - her first son is just a couple of weeks younger than Nate. She is a GENIOUS at writing (actually has MANY different blogs). She is definetly my new blog crush!!!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did-let me :)


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