Everyday with you Lord...is better than the day before!

The Sunday before school started St. Andrews had a blessing of the backpacks for the students and teachers at Church. It was really neat to see the kiddos all march up there with their backpacks on. they kept talking about how lite they were...if I had only been a fly on the wall the next day:) You saw the pictures of Nate with his backpack!!!

Father Mike had all the children come up for church and did his sermon. After he was done they layed them on the stage and he then had all the teachers come up and put their hands toward the students and blessed each backpack and student. He then had the teachers enter the circle and had the students place their hands toward us. It was very neat, emotional, and special all at the same time! What an awesome way to start a year!!!

Nate is the one with the "cars" backpack ;)

I'm in the VERY middle (I knew I needed to have as much blessing as possible)

I'm right in front of Father Mike

After the blessing each child received a bag tag that read "This backpack has been blessed"

When the children came back they went up front to sing. Nate did such a great job! They sang "Everyday with you Lord". We sing this song in the car ALL the time with a CD so he knew it pretty well :)

He is playing air guitar!!!


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Dawn said...

What a neat event!! I love Nate's awesome air guitar!!