More baby info...

I am 15 weeks preggo, so by fruit standards I am carrying an orange:) Hmmm...oranges...I'll be right back...

Estimated Due Date: April 15th, 2009

Sorry Tim I just can't see 1040 EASY on a class list :)

What does Nate think?

He is SUPER excited!!!! He hugs the baby and tells me that his kisses and hugs make me feel better (and they actually do)! He told me in the car the other day that he wanted to tell everyone that he was going to be a big brother:)

Silly things Nate has said so far...

Before we even told Nate he was going to be a big brother he told us something very interesting at dinner. Here is how it went:

Nate: I'm getting a sister.

Tony (choking on his drink): Do you know what a sister is?

Nate: Yes a girl, like Gracie and Gwynie

Me: Do you know where they come from?

Nate: Yes, the hospital, then looks straight at me and says...

You want to go get one?!?!?

We were rolling! We had to explain to him that not all babies are girls and that when he gets a sibling that there is a chance that it will be a boy (large chance...Tony is 1 of 3)

He now tells us that only mommies have babies in their tummies and there is NO baby in his tummy!!!

Are we going to find out the sex?

YES!!!!! We probably will not have the sono until right before Thanksgiving, but we will be getting it wrapped up for under the tree!!! That's right! When was the last time we were that excited for present time :)? We can't wait for Santa!!!! We honestly do not care what we have and are so excited for this new addition! We pray for a happy and healthy baby!How did I tell Tony?

Well, funny story, he actually brought the test home to me! He was so excited and said he was counting and just thought that maybe "today was long enough to try a test"... we took 3, just in case!

So let me know if you have any more questions:) I will be posting the size of the baby from now on by using fruit so keep an eye out for it :)

Thank you for all the love and prayers!!!


3 Quick thoughts:

Amanda said...

I am so excited to be reading this and will really look forward to your weekly "fruit" updates. ;) Congrats again! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Team Carroll said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE oranges ;) I am SO excited we'll be on maternity leave together!! Can't wait for these little nuggets to meet!! I think my lil' nug is an avocado this week....mmmmmmmmm.....guacamole.

Dawn said...

"You want to go get one?"...LOL, I love it!!!