City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in Holiday style...

In the air theres a feeling of Christmas! And did we take it ALL in this weekend -

We had such an AWESOME weekend!!! It all started Friday night when Gracie and Gwynie joined us for the movie BOLT! We went to Studio Movie Grill, which is where we like to take Nate. We like that the food keeps his interest a little longer than popcorn and he LOVES the chairs:) They really enjoyed the movie and when we got home we ALL just CRASHED!

On Saturday we woke to a crisp, but BEAUTIFUL day! After we rubbed eyes, calmed our hair and filled our bellies we headed to watch the Plano Parade (Which Nate called the Hooray). Aunt Christie, Uncle Tim, Aunt Chelle and Uncle Trev saved us some spots so that we had a perfect view! We will definetly do this as an annual get together and won't forget a bag next time!!!

Notice that they ALL have lollipops!
A quote from Gracie "this is like Halloween, but better, they bring the candy to you!" They would seriously come and lay handfuls of candy at each of the kiddos feet:)

When Santa was heading back to the North Pole we headed home for a yummy lunch and "long" nap! Nana, PawPaw and Aunt Dawn joined us as the kiddos awoke and brought more Christmas feel with them.

We started with a Holiday makeover for the house and ended with a sit on Santa's lap. The kiddos did an AWESOME job with not even one tear shed :) The Villages at Allen has the CUTEST setup.

DayCare :)
PawPaw dancing w/ Gwynie
We are thinking of trying toget onto dancing with the stars :)

The gang (Tony's takin' the pic)

We awoke Sunday to a little peanut with a fever and had to miss Church, but Nana and PawPaw ALWAYS come prepared!!! They worked on a gingerbread house and if I do say so myself did and FANTASTIC job!
You can see our little booger bee was not feeling to keen :(

All Done!!!
This is Nana, PawPaw & Nate's gingerbread house by our gift from Nana and PawPaw! I LOVE the look of gingerbread houses!!!

What a fun weekend! Nate's fever got pretty high so we kept him home Monday and Tony and Mimi took him in to Dr. D., Not strep like Mama thought, but Dr. D did find something pretty interesting in Nate's ear...

That's right, a large clump of ORANGE PLAYDOH!!!! WHAT!?!?! No Way!!! But it is true :) Nate says he has NO idea how it got in there...interrrresssting!!!!! Good news is that Nate's fever FINALLY broke and my sweet boy looked 100x better!


2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Great post!!! Thanks again for taking the girls to the movies & the parade they had a blast. The gingerbread house turned out pretty awesome I have to say!

Dianna said...

We had such a fun time. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.