Peek-A-Boo, Pink Or Blue?

A couple of weeks ago Tony and I went to "THE SONO!" and all we heard was AWESOME news!!! The baby looked GREAT and VERY active, the sonographer kept asking for the baby to settle down so that she could get a good measurement:) After wiping the tears from our eyes we were able to watch the screen and enjoy the show.

Tony and I decided that since Christmas was right around the corner that we wouldn't find out the sex at the sonogram. Tony was SO funny...he just KNEW that he was going to be able to tell if it ws a pink or blue bean. Well at the end he asked if we needed to turn our heads so that she could sneek a peek. She said, "you don't know?" Tony replied,"No...are you about to look?"

"Oh no, I already did!" Love it!!!

So after the sono we had them write it down on a card and seal it. After we left the office we raced to Nordstroms with the precious cargo and had some help from an awesome manager. She took our card and went to the back room with both a pink and blue blanket & all we saw at the register was this box...

Isn't the yellow bow too cute? I LOVE surprises, but man is this box just STARRING me down!!! I have no idea how people wait for 9 months.
For the next 2 weeks this box will sit under our tree. I am going to HAVE to wrap it, seriously Nordstroms a bow and a wrap...

Here is the only pic that they gave this time, but there will be TONS more.

The sonographer has asked for us to come in monthly due to the lovely clotting disorder that I have:) We did this with Nate due to high blood pressure and are actually pretty excited to see shim grow. There is a DVD that we got aswell, but I am scared that if I post it some of my smarties out there might actually be able to see something we can't ;)
As for the gift it will be opened Christmas morning and I will blog that afternoon. I don't have a feeling either way so we will just see if Nate had a clue before we did. Don't forget to submit a vote on the side bar!!!! Feel free to leave a comment on what you think our beanie bean is, I love reading comments!!!
We have an appointment on Tuesday so hopefully I will get some more pics of our jelly bean soon! Keep us in your prayers for this is truly,in so many ways, a "GIFT" from God!


5 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

I have thought about it and I have decided to stick with Nate...it's a girl!!!

The Lance Family said...

Hey girl! I am so glad that everything is going so well with the baby...you deserve another beautiful gift from God. I totally think it is a girl....we shall see!! The suspense is killing me...so I know it must be torture for you!


Amanda said...


I was scrolling down so fast to see if it was a girl or a boy only to see that Nordstrom's story. (pouty face) What a great way to really be surprised and what an awesome Christmas gift, you guys! Good luck waiting!!!

P.S. I say "girl"!!!

Dianna said...

I can't wait for Christmas morning! I don't care which it is! I just want it healthy. -Love Mama

Christy said...

Hi Kathy and Tony! Just saw your cute cute website! I cant believe you have the patience to WAIT till Christmas!
It was so fun having dinner with the two of you and catching up.
Merry Christmas!
Christy and Stas