The Toddler Stimulus Package ~

This is Nate's FULL Piggy Bank ~
This is Nate holding his VERY FULL Piggy Bank ~
This is Mama pouring out the money at the bank ~

This is Nate waiting to find out exactly how much that VERY FULL Piggy bank holds ~
{Notice the Chuck.E.Cheese Tokens}
This is Nate finding out that he just made $30 ~

{Nate decided to Save $10, Spend $10 & Tithe $10}
{How proud Mama and Dada are!}

This is Nate at the ice cream store where he took his proud mama and dada ~
This is mama's icecream, Yum Nate Yum ~

This is Nate enjoying his yummy ice cream ~

...and this is Nate after we left the ice cream shop ~

{Over all I think Nate had a pretty GREAT day!}


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Dawn said...

How cute! I love his after ice cream dance.

The new layout looks great!