Ode to the Sonic Ice

Yellow, blue and red how I Love the way you bring joy to my day

The cold chips that fill your cup makes me smile with glee

Oh how I enjoy your ICE

You are truely the ultimate drink STOP!

O.k so I know this might be a little over dramatic, but I don't think I ever really understood what a craving was until about a month ago. I had some extra time before work so I decided to stop by Sonic and grab a drink. While ordering I decided to grab a Route 44 cup of ice to use throughout the day with my large quantity of water that has to be downed every day. This was only the start of a new friendship!!! For the last 3 weeks I have stopped before school and grabbed my route 44 cup o' ice to begin my day. I would let Tony also share about my new find, but this week is Spring Break and I don't always get to Sonic during the day, nope, so where is Tony? Most husbands have to go to Taco Bell in search of a craving, but Tony goes and grabs me a cup of ice every night after Nate goes to bed. He is AWESOME I know. He is at Sonic right now. Yes I am serious! Never gripes just heads out for the ice!!!
I really hope that my sons one day will leave just to grab their wife a cup ice!
Thanks honey, Love you!!!

2 Quick thoughts:

The Lance Family said...

I heart Sonic ice....really it is the best!!!

Kelley said...

I LOVE Sonic ice too... did you know they will also sell it to you in 7-lb. bags?!