What's beyond the bump?

You've got me...

We have 1 month to go before this family of 3 becomes a family of CRAZY and I thought it would be fun to take a look at my view from the top.

Here are some things that I would LOVE to see, but can't!

1. Mommy hugs that are given when standing...
"Where did Nate go???" (He LOVES this)

2. Wally (AKA-speed bump) He loves to hug my feet...this might kill him!

3. My lovely feet which I pampered and painted just last weekend at a girlfriends shower!
I would LOVE to show you how they look...CAN'T!

Since I know that this little one will join us by NO later than April 10th I am sure that these will not be the last things that I loose sight of...check back to see what else is lost on the other side of the bump!


1 Quick thoughts:

The Lance Family said...

I can't believe the baby will be here so soon...seems like just yesterday you told me you were pregnant. Sorry I had to miss the shower today...had a 5k this morning and then we are off to Keller for a gym meet. The story of my life...not enough hours in the day!!