They love me...They really love me...

Well...my sweet friend Cara does and that's all that matters. I was SO surprised when I saw that I had received this super cute award that I couldn't help but blog so I could hand it out to some super cute blogs! I guess we will see if anyone really reads this thing :)

The rules are simple -

Write 7 things that you LOVE and give out the award to some AWESOME bloggers!

Here are 7 things that I LOVE!

1. My husband - He isn't only a good hubby, but a great Dada

2. Nate - I swear I could actually kiss his face off :)

3. Listening to Tony put Nate to bed -there is something about the sound of them together upstairs that makes me stop and just listen

4. Talking to my mom, dad & sis about ANYTHING

5. Being Preggo - I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT and can't wait to hold this little man in my arms!

6. My girls - If only I could get you all to blog!

7. My walk with God

So here are a couple of super cute blogs that I have the Honor of passing this award to -

My AWESOME sis ~ Dawn ~ We have seriously stayed up way too late together figuring out how to do this whole blog thing :) She's good! Love ya Dawn!

Mommy's need a time out ~ AKA my BFF from Highschool {Amanda} ~ Love the BLOG and the ideas...too cute! Oh...and the name of the blog...seriously...LOVE IT!!!

Megan ~ Ummm...I LOVE her outlook on life! Another BFF from Highschool that is an AWESOME photographer...take a look!

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!


1 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Thanks Sis! "You alright...I learned it by watching you!"