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At church we have started K.I.S.S. dinners {Keep It Simple Stupid Dinners}. We are supposed to keep everything VERY simple and just enjoy our fellowship. Last weekend we were the hosts and with the house on the market we decided to treat everyone to dinner at Dickey's! {This is great b/c kiddos eat free!!}

We had the girls with us so our 3 turned into 5, we all had a great time and REALLY enjoyed everyones company! I love this idea!!!

The kiddos

The Rents

After everyone was done eating we pretty much took over the entire restaraunt...haha!

Ready to leave?

After we got into the car it was VERY evident that these kiddos were NOT goin to bed anytime soon! So Tony and I decided that it was a must to do our annual weekend dancing that we do with Nate. As soon as we got home, the coffee table was moved and the music went on!

These kids can Move it, Move it!

No worries Dawn we got TONS more pics and VIDEO!!! Thanks for letting them come along...Hope they had as much fun as we did!


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Dawn said...

So fun! Gracie always likes to do handstands when dancing. It reminds me of your "bicycle" move. ;) Thanks so much for watching them for us!! Soon we will be able to repay you the favor EQUALLY!!!