My girls are too much!!!

Last Friday my K~Girls through Cara and I an AWESOME fiesta! Why a fiesta? Well...Cara and I might much on Taco Cabana a little too much ;) It was a perfect match to this CRAZY year we've had!!! This shower was WAY TOO MUCH considering how AWESOME they have been at understanding Cara and my preggo schedule. Thanks girls, It was truelly fantabulous!

The 2 preggo's!

So most of the gift were gift cards {Can't get/use enough of those!} and these were what Cara and I saw as we walked into the shower...AWESOME!

Aren't these the cutest hostesses EVER!

Sorry Cara...but the licking of the lips HAD to make it on here! {But seriously, the food was that good!}

Nate was pretty shy at the beginning...no worries he broke out of his shell :)

We had to be sure to open up the same gifts so that not to give it away!

YIKES! That's a scary site...haven't seen those beasts in a while! Can you say SWOLLEN!!!

Carol {my sweet mother-in-law} not only got us these CUTE onsies, brought Nate up the shower, but also watch him so Tony and I could eat at Nobu!!!
{Cara I think you are in the middle of the word cute :)}


O.k so I was SO excited about this bag for Landon with goodies in it for all of them {but no good pics} You can read about her silly reaction here!

And find out about some of the goodies here!

I was most excited about the shirt...you'll have to read my story about that here!

{Silly Cara...I do need some good pics of that bag though ;)}

We miss you Lauren :( We WILL teach together again!

Cara ~ I LOVE this pic of you!!! Hope it makes up for that lip licking one!

Of course we had to get the boys together!

All the girls ~ Minus Lima {We missed you!}

Silly pic {I think you win Brit! I am still laughing out loud!!!} If only our students could see us!


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The Lance Family said...

How fun!! Okay...Cara did it, now it's your turn! Can't wait till your little bundle is here safe and sound!!