A great day for pictures & baby update!

The same day that we took Nate in to make his gift for Preston was a beautiful day for pics! I just had to snap some while we were walking around. I haven't played with them yet...but hope to soon! Baby update after the pics :)

Little booger will not smile for me!!!

Of course he has to "shake his booty!"

One for the memory book :)



Baby update ~ We will go in tomorrow for a c-section. All the doctors feel that Preston will be 9.5lbs or more and we just don't want to risk ANYTHING!!! We should enter at 1pm so say a prayer for our family!!! Tony will try to post some pics at the hospital if he can :).

Tomorrow we become 4!!! God is GOOD!


2 Quick thoughts:

Amanda said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS and Good luck tomorrow!!! :)

I will be on pins & needles waiting for an update on baby Preston and how you are doing, Kathy.

Love you guys!

The Lance Family said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see sweet baby Preston (love the name!!). I will be praying for you this afternoon!!