I Should Be In A Commercial For Cute!

Here it is!  Preston’s 1st “true” smile!! 

Oh… we have captured smiles before, but tonight's was special. 

Tonight Mr. P smiled AT Daddy!!! 

We were getting ready for our nightly walk and Tony stepped in front of the stroller {luckily I was formatting my card} when Preston started cooing like crazy!  Daddy started giggling & mommy pointed the camera.  Nate was there as well and thought it was the neatest thing practically crawling on top of him to see more smiles.  I love how you can see the smile in his eyes!

Mama of course had to go and find Nate’s first smile.  Tony and I remember it like it was yesterday.  We were getting ready to go to a Halloween party {Nate was the bunny, I the top hat & daddy the magician}. 



This is first time that I have actually seen pictures side by side. 

Do you think they look alike?the wrights of passage copy

2 Quick thoughts:

The Lance Family said...

OMG...they could be twins!!! I can't believe how much Pman looks like Nate. Could he be any cuter???

Dawn said...

I would say they look just a bit a like. ;) I am amazed about how much more he looks like Nate everyday. Thanks for letting me watch them last night, it was a blast!