Lunch with my girls!


Last week the girls at school had a half day so Preston and I headed up to relax with them and of course share some scrumptious food!  It is funny how the smell of a school goes unnoticed until your away for awhile.  The smell brings such comfort to me and love when I get to be away so I can appreciate it when I return. 

I didn’t get a break AT ALL last summer due to writing curriculum and Summer School so I’m taking a VERY long break and not heading back until August!!!  This will put Mr.P at a little over 4 months when I head back.{Just a little older than Nate was} It is really weird to let go of a class at the end of the year.  May is always my favorite time of year. Not because it is coming to an end, but all the work that  the students do really shines through on test scores and class work.  We have field trips and the BEST end of the year party, it is nice to get to be silly with the same students that didn’t even see you crack a smile for the 1st 6 weeks. I sure will miss that!

But until August when it all starts again this mama will be on some much needed R&R!

Thank you SO much for the invite girls!  Luv’d seeing you!!!

P.S ~ Congrats Jill…You’re going to do AWESOME!!!!

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