It was an honor just being nominated…

Seriously!!!  I can’t think of a greater honor than being nominated for an award by your peers.  In December my sweet school tapped ME as TEACHER OF THE YEAR!  I can’t put into words what this meant to me and this post would be WAY to long if I even started into all the ways that those whom I work with make me the teacher that I am!  I work with not only a great school, but an AMAZING team.  We laugh together, cry together and pretty much share as much as sisters would share with one another.  I L.O.V.E. my team!!!  

On Thursday my team, school, fam & love all came to celebrate with me at our TOTY banquet.  Although I was not chosen as our districts TOTY it was great to have everyone there!  I can’t thank them enough!!!  I was honored just to stand with the women that have the same passion that I do.

I would not have EVER been a teacher had my parents not helped every step of the way! 

Thank you Mama and Dad!!!  Love you!!!

What a FUN night and AWESOME YEAR!!!

2 Quick thoughts:

The Taylor Family said...

Congratulations Kathy you deserved it!! I am sure before we know it we will be reading your post about winning District wide TOTY. Love you!

The Lance Family said...

Congrats Kathy!! You are such an awesome teacher!!! You look great, by the way!!