It’s *free* family magazine day!


My mailbox often looks like a news stand exploded and yet I had not received two highly anticipated magazines.  During my 9 month run at my OBGYN I became VERY familiar with the mag ops in her office, always seeming to run to the same ones. 

FamilyFun and Cookie.  {Go ahead and check them out…but make sure you come back…your going to want to read the end of this blog}

Then today I walked Preston out to the mailbox {our daily ritual} and there in my beautiful brick surrounded mail receptacle I found them.  Call me silly, but these are two of the CUTEST magazines I have EVER laid my boymom/teacher hands on! 

FamilyFun being Martha Stewart meets the adventurous SAHM and Cookie being…well…just SO much fun to look at!

While looking and circling all the Fabulous ideas that I will do this summer with my boys I thought to myself how I would just LOVE to get these for everyone!  So…


Tony said NO! {boo} 

But, being the loving husband he is, he said I could give away one subscription of each! {yay}

Here is what I am going to do.  I have noticed that we have had ALOT of visitors come and read about our sweet fam and I want to “meet” you. 

To enter our first ever blog give away leave us a comment {on this post} and on June 9th I will pick 2 winners at random to win one of the subscriptions.  Feel free to also tell me about any other magazines out there.  I’m always on the look out!

P.S~ If you already have a subscription to one of the magazines leave a comment ~ you never know, you could win one for the other magazine!  Plus I would still LOVE to meet you!!! 

Great for Parents, Teachers, Aunts & Babysitters!!!

the wrights of passage copy

4 Quick thoughts:

The Taylor Family said...

You already know me, but the magazines look super cute! Can't wait to read all about your summer adventures with the boys.

Amanda said...

You know me but of course I will comment because 1) I love you guys and 2) I really want the Family Fun subscription!!!

I subscribe to Cookie and love it so much - I find it to be very sleek, stylish, a bit upscale and yet incredibly relateable!

*fingers crossed I win*

Shawna said...

Hi! You don't know me. :) I started reading (stalking) your blog through Cara's. It's interesting to me to read about the lives of other boyMOMs and teachers for that matter. I'm a boyMOM of two, ages 4 and 2. I'm also currently an education student at TWU, hoping to one day be a teacher! Your blog is adorable...and your boys too! :)

Shawna (nicholsonboys.blogspot.com)

The Lance Family said...

Ok...you know me, but I do love a contest!!! And I love magazines!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win :)