I can’t believe it been…

 2 YEARS since I started this blog!

I feel like sooo much has happened to us in these two years and am so happy that it is all written down for us to look back on!  One of Nate’s favorite things to do is sit with mama and look at past {stories} on the blog.  I can’t wait until we can sit down with P as well…I know he will enjoy reading about how excited we were to have him come into our lives. While looking back today I saw that one of my first posts was about Nate saying I love you, it brought tears to my eyes to think how blessed I am to hear those words everyday. 

It has been a VERY full summer so far and it only promises more craziness.  We traveled as a family to Galveston last week for a much needed vacay.  I am still sorting through the mammarazzi amount of photos and promise to try to post them before the weekend.  I also hope to make a post about something I’ve been working on soon…so much going on!!!


After we returned to Dallas on Father’s Day we headed up for Mr. P’s 2 month check up the following day.  Nate had a small cough as well so I made an appointment I snuck him in too. Nate ended up just having the sniffles and Preston did as best he could.  It always is hard to watch those needles go in *sigh*.  For different reasons {like not being able to fit P totally under a hooter hider & that he wears 3-6 month clothes already} I have felt like P is a big baby & his charts showed it!

Height: 24 3/4” – 95%ile J

Weight: 13.6lbs – 75%ile H

Head: 16” – 75%ile M

Preston has been sleeping through the night for about a month now and even sneaks some 10 hour nights in here and there!!! {AWESOME!} I find myself sneaking over to him and peaking in to see if he’s up yet.  Nate didn’t sleep through the night until 12 weeks so I might have freaked out the first time it happened {silly I know}.


Here are some pics from one of our routines with Nate.  Nate LOVES getting to give {brother} his bottle when P gets one.  O.k so I love this routine as well…who wouldn’t!!!

DSC_0253  DSC_0263 DSC_0265

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