Couldn’t live without it…

When Tony and I found out that we were pregnant the first thing that Tony started researching was double strollers.  We are a family on the go and knew that this was a must.  After searching high and low he made his way to One Step Ahead.  Tony had looked into many forums and the Sit and Stand from One Step Ahead kept coming up.  Many of the parents said that they had tried MANY different ones and that this was their favorite.  Well…


Here is why: DSC_0016

~I am able to see both my boys ~


~Nate can stand & ride~ {and hand things to brother}


~ Nate can face Preston or face me ~

DSC_0024  ~ Most of all…it is compact, folds up VERY nicely annnndddd IT HAS CUP HOLDERS!!!!~

It was amazing how hard it was to find a double stroller that has cup holders.  I can even hang my diaper bag and it doesn’t bother Nate at all…if your looking make sure to check One Step Ahead’s Sit and Stand!!!  We CAN’T live without it!  Great for our nightly walks :)the wrights of passage copy

2 Quick thoughts:

The Taylor Family said...

I wish I knew about that when Gwyneth was born it would have been great!

Christy Tiede said...

Hi from Estonia!!! Just checking in on you. What a cute little boy - totally adorable - just like Nate! Hope you had a great time in Galveston.