We have some winners…



I am SOOO excited to announce my very first winners of my very first give away!!!  I went into Random.com and allowed it to choose for me!  Soooo without further ado the winners are…

Comment 2: Amanda over at http://shaversfamily.blogspot.com


Comment 3: Shawna over at http://nicholsonboys.blogspot.com

Yay!!!  I think that you both are in need of Family Fun Magazine!!!  I hope you LOVE it as much as I do!  Congrats & thank you all for the super sweet comments!

the wrights of passage copy

3 Quick thoughts:

Shawna said...

Wow!! thanks so much!! I'm excited! :)

Shawna said...

Oh...I guess you might need more information from me.


Amanda said...

Wahoooooo!!! I cannot wait to get this magazine, I have been eyeing it for weeks! You are the best!

Love you girl!