My new toy!

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but after adding another bambino to my life and the diaper bag, stroller, etc. that has followed I many times leave my camera at home.  The bag is just too bulky and/or the camera just bogs down my bag {Just one more thing that I have to take out to find that binky that fell to the bottom of the bag again}.  Well being the mamarazzi that I am it was driving me CRAZZZZZYYYY!

Off to the internet I ran to find something that I could carry with everything else.  I wasn’t picky.  All I wanted was:

Trendy fabric

Something that I could sling over me {that wasn’t bulky and would Hug My Body}

Fit all my fun camera gear

&  might fit some diapers and wipes {for those quick outings}

Ok…So maybe I was a “little picky” but what I found answered all my worries and MORE!!!!

I stumbled upon TracyJoy and instantly fell IN LOVE with her bags!!!


Are you ready for the REAL kicker???? 

The top is COMPLETELY interchangeable!!!  You take one off and replace with a new one using VERY strong Velcro, I already have 2 more covers on their way! 

It really hugs the body and is VERY comfortable!  Nice size and allows me to even fit in a couple of diapers. 

She has a couple of other sizes…a little too bulky with a diaper bag, but you better hurry…she’s retiring and they might already be sold out!!!!

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