In NO particular order…

Last time I sat at the computer {to blog} Mr. P was only starting to sit up on his own and Nato was thinking about nothing more than who he was going to play with on the playground the next day.  Now as I type Nate is chasing P round the living room and we are starring Kindergarten in the face. 

I love how my blog is much like a comic book ~ I can skip over the crazy times and only highlight the important information in each frame.  This was my inspiration for the new blog layout!  So often our lives run on without us and all we can do is blink…{thankfully} the blog is always there to pick-up where we left off, slow life down and take in all “the good stuff” for us to reminisce over!  I want to be able to capture everything and share with our friends and family about the goings of life, therefore I have decided to write this blog as a comic.  Mostly pictures with slight information to go along with them.  Soooo…What has been going on in our “bat cave” you ask?

Meanwhile {while life in the Wright’s household seemed more fast paced than ever}…

{Click on the pictures below to turn the pages of the comic book of our life}

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