Wonderful Website Wednesday ~ and action…

wednesday pic copyHave you ever heard or maybe uttered the phrase “you know where to find EVERYTHING”?  This is a frequent buzz in my direction when my girlfriends or family get together.  Although I know there are ALOT of sites out there I have not been gifted the pleasure to find ~ I do pride myself on knowing all the up and coming sites to send my friends to when they are in search of: a perfect gift, designer outfit {at a reduced price}, tutorial, lesson for the classroom or home, handmade custom decor,  photography questions and Photoshop action sets {hint, hint ;)}.  Just to name a few. There are {sooo} many wonderful sites frequenting my Google toolbar my husband bought me an iPad {just so I could keep up with them~LOL!}
I came to a really AWESOME realization the other day ~ almost all of the sites my computer is told to bring up each day are created and ran by WOMEN!!! There is a whole world of mama’s who blog, sale, create, manage, inspire and/or teach.  Many of them do not one, but all of these things!  
This is where the idea for Wonderful Website Wednesday first entered.  Maybe if I can highlight the awesome women out there that do things I only dream about, then maybe I might have a tiny hand in their success!  Every Wednesday {ok, so it might just happen when I find one I just HAVE to brag about} I will post an award to a site that I feel gives me everything that I expect from a site {ease of use, tutorials, freebies, great links, etc}.  Feel free to leave a comment telling me about the site featured or if you have a site that you would love to see win an award!

~Without further ado ~ Here is the first award EVER~
And the award goes to {insert drum roll here}…
Find Photoshop Actions
WOW!!!  I first found her on another site {to be talked about in the future} & have been stalking following Jodi Friedman @ mcp actions for probably a year and a half now. 
“MCP Actions offers original Photoshop Actions and Workshops to customers internationally, which enable photographers, at the click of a button, to enhance and enrich their photos in a fast and efficient way.”
Here is a women who has done an amazing job creating a beautiful business with something she is truly passionate and talented at!   If you are a photographer {master or just a mamarazzi with an SLR} you must run to mcp actions! Jodi is plainly the most talented & affordable, creator/entrepreneur of Photoshop Actions.
Blog/Tutorials~ found on Jodi’s blog {SUPER helpful!}
Free Actions {yes you read that right FREE…and they are AMAZING!}
Workshops {I have been itching to do one of these ~ let me know if you have had the chance}
Jodi here is your award ~ for doing an AMAZING job
Thank you for ALL you do to help make our SOOC pictures into treasured heirlooms!
wednesday award copy

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