28 and holding!


What a great birthday!!!

My day on Tuesday started with me being jealous of Tony as I left for work and watched Nate crawl into bed with him :) Nate kept saying,"happy to you mama!" It was too sweet and I wanted to just crawl back into bed with them, but at last I climbed into the beast (my name for my car) and headed off to work!

On the way to work my Mama and Dad called and had to be the first to wish me a Happy B-day! Not a bad way to start the day!

The day only got better from here...I was greated by my girlies at work with smiles, goodies and cheers (Wow I love Loving who I work with :)

Tuesday was also the 100th day of school and my kids thought this was THE COOLEST thing on earth. "We get to celebrate Mrs. Wright's 100th day Birthday" I was sure to correct that statement :)

During our colt center time (big blocks) as I was looking down the long hallway I saw the sweetest thing walk through the door...Not just Tony with a beatiful bouquet of flowers, uhuh...but Tony AND Nate entering the Kindergarten Alley both with flowers in hand.

OMG! I almost lost it right there! So much better than some delivery guy dropping the flowers off in the office :)

Well as the day came to an end my friends and family came together at a party Tony set up for me at Zea's woodfire grill (this just might be my fav restaurant EVER!)

It was really neat having everyone together and to see the kiddos all interacting with one another.

Thank you to EVERYONE who called with well wishes and/or was able to make it to the PAR-TAY!

I love you ALL!!!

This is a video of Gracie helping Aunt Kathy blow out the candles...Thank you Gracie!!!

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Dawn said...

You didn't tell me that you got flowers...that is so sweet! I am glad you had such a wonderful day!