We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, go home happy, what'd'ya say. Come on.

O.K so if you know Tony and I you know we LOVE wine!
Well in less than a month we will make our way to our annual Spring Guilty Pleasure that is Savor Dallas!!! We L-O-V-E this party every year! We get together with great friends and are surrounded by great food, wine & spirits! What more can you ask for!?! Oh...yes...thats right...we top the night off with a after party of dancing and mingling! It is SO fabulous! I also get to spend a weekend with my brother who joins us every year (that might be my favorite part)! I know some asked when it was so I thought I would let EVERYONE know. It is the weekend of March 7th & you can snag tickets at http://www.savordallas.com/ .
We already snagged all ours and can't wait! Hope to see you there!!!
Savor Dallas 2007

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