My Cuddly Cupids

Tony and I decided that Valentines day is a great day to celebrate the love in our family, and this is exactly what we did. We find that all the "couple spots" are over crowded, we miss Nate, and the service is way off on Valentine's Day. So we picked up Nate from daycare and headed over to purple cow (which was pretty crowded aswell - I guess everyone else had the same thoughts). Nate LOVES the purple cow...it is the only place he can get a grilled cheese with side of mac & cheese. Other than some precious cards and little sentiments to one another we really focused on Nate.
We had fun putting his gift together (with his b-day and Christmas being so far apart we find little times to shower him with goodies) my favorite thing that we got him was some CD's Tony grabbed on the internet. Tony grew up with these songs in school (private school :)). They are in the Bullfrog and Butterflies series. They are Bible based songs. Nate loves them and we sing them all the time. He thought it was really cool that the puter was playing his songs : )!
It was a very relaxed and fun night! Tony and I have planned (if I feel better -%@#& flu)to have a date night tomorrow night...so pray that this yuck leaves my body PLEASE!

Well I hope everyone had a GREAT Valentines day! We LOVE you all so much and all of you have such a place in our hearts that we thank God everyday for the family and friends that we have been blessed with!!!

LOVE from our house to yours!!!

Nate opening up the goodies!
He was VERY confused on why he could not eat every goody in his bucket :)
"Sing now dada!?!"
I eat this one!!!

The goods last night :)
Nate LOVES Jelly Belly's - mama LOVES wonder markers and paint ;)
These were the bags I found for daycare:) (The joy of home daycares - only 6 bags)

Filled with goodies aswell!
Nate was very confused why we were giving "his" fun stuff away ;)
Have a great weekend!

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Dawn said...

Happy Valentines...We love you!