Wow! It has been WAY TO LONG!!!

How do I know that it has been WAY too long since I have blogged? Because I have to blog last week tonight and will have to blog tomorrow to catch up :) I wanted to post these pictures so that Mama and Dad (Nana and PawPaw) can see just how crazy the weather really was this past week!

Nate wasn't quite sure about the white stuff at first.

All he would do was put his feet in it :)
Daddy came home and brought all kind of goodies!!!
Nate was ecstatic about daddy being home!!!
All the goods! We sure missed daddy while he was gone!!!

Hopefully I can get on tomorrow and write about our fun weekend with Mike, Nana & PawPaw!!!

Love ya'll!!!


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Dawn said...

HA...I love Nate's gloves!!!