I'm a big kid now!!!

I know...I know... I said that the next blog would be a catch up, but this HAD to be blogged!!!

Wow how time flew :) Our summer was VERY busy and the school year definetly snuck up on us!!! Nate was very excited about "his school" and woke early to get ready. I of course had to grab pics of him :) Enjoy!!!

Thank you Nana and Paw Paw for the Awesome clothes!!!

He kept saying "My backpack HEEEAAAVVVYY"

Nate, Mama and Dada couldn't be more proud! We love you!!!


3 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

You looked great Nate! We hope you are loving your new school!

Dianna said...

I am sooo proud. Go get'em tiger! You are one smart cookie and we love you very much. -Love NANA & PAWPAW

Katie said...

It's nice to meet a fellow A-phi sister!! I graduated '04 from California State University San Bernardino...I know it's a mouthful. There are like a million Cal State schools. Do you keep in touch with your sisters? I just loved being in my sorority!