Hard to believe the best gift is yet to come!

Last weekend our little jelly bean was showered with as much LOVE as someone who hasn't entered this world yet can be. Nate and Gwynie started out our guest list and it only grew from there!

The fam ~ we really missed you Aunt Sue Sue and Aunt Laurie!My sweet sis put the whole thing together and I can't thank her enough! The invite was just a start to how cute this shower was :) Thank you SO much Dawn!!! Love ya!

Of course we could never have a shower without a yummy cake from my mama!!! How cute is the belly?!?!? Thank you mama!!! It was just as yummy as ever! I should know...it might have been this preggo's breakfast for a couple of days ;)

Look at the buffet of food! Mmmmm~Just the memories of the yummy food makes my mouth water :) Oh and I should go ahead and confess now that I think I have an obsession with taking pictures of food...Ok I don't think...I know...the first step is admitting it right??!?

Look at this loot!!! This baby is going to be SO pampered!!! He will definetly be the cutest baby on the block! Thank you all so much!

Amanda?!?!?! Thank you so much! I know we don't get to see each other living so far apart, I miss you :)

Just had to put this picture up! It is a mommy sippy cup :) This WILL get used...I'm just saying!!! Thanks girls!

Nate and I picked out these great shirts for the boys to wear at the hospital. I can't wait to see them both wear them :) I have to thank easyedges over at Etsy.com she did such an AWESOME job! The fabrics are really fun and funky.


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Amanda said...

Oh, yeah... UPS came through!!!

I had emailed Dawn to see if it would be OK for me to mail your gift to her to give to you at your shower so, at least our family would be there with you in spirit. :) Hope you & baby are well taken care of with all that beautiful loot and I really hope to see you one of these years when we get to Texas.

Love ya, girl! :)