Don't be jealous!!!!

I know you will be...I feel Oh-So-Spoiled!!! Cara gave me the CUTEST door hanger EVER!!!! If you haven't seen her Oh-SO-Cute shop make your way over there! She is on maternity leave right now, but will be back soon so start a wish list so that you can spoil your kiddo!

I have finally chosen Preston's Bedding {don't remember if I had said his name on here yet...CRAZY} I really LOVE this new pirate bedding! So many possibilities!

Well the first thing that will be put up in his room will be...


Isn't AWESOME!!! I am SO excited! Now we wait to see what those stats will be:)

Thank You SOOOO much CARA!!! I L.O.V.E IT and can't wait to fill it all in...YIKES!


1 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

VERY CUTE!!! Can't wait to see the nursery all done up!