National Nate Day!

This being the absolute LAST weekend {CRAZY!!!} as a family of 3 we decided to make Saturday "National Nate Day!" Nate had been asking to go on a picnic since Christmas so we thought Saturday was the PERFECT day to do so! We loaded up the car and headed to Bob Woodruff Park with food and Wally in tow. It was VERY windy so no kite flying {infact we saw LOTS of broken kites while there}. Nate lead us around the park choosing everything we did! After we finished holding down our plates it was off to the playground. It always amazes me on how much more he will explore everytime we hit the playscape. He was EVERYWHERE!!! I tried to snap some photos where I could :)

This was what he ran to first...when asked where he was going I was told "mama I drivin way to fast to talk, vroom, vroom!"

L.O.V.E this pic...pretty much says, "MAMA!!! I playin...stop with the photos!"

After he was done on the playground {A.K.A ~ BORED} it was off to the pond to feed the ducks. Nate really enjoys feeding the ducks and probably would do it ALL day if we had brought more bread :)

Good thing Tony didn't snap a pic of me getting up...YIKES!!!
Tony and Nate passed the football around a little bit and then it was mama's turn to snap some more good ol' pics!

"I did it!" ~ Missed the spike that he did right after this pic!

Tony snagged this keeper...Nate was actually singing to Preston {he does this ALOT!}
He sings Jesus Loves Me :)
But I have to say out of the WHOLE day this last pic is my FAVORITE one that was snapped...it will definetly make its way into the photo frame!!! You just can't capture a better moment!

Dadda and Nate!


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