What's a Big Bro to do?

My biggest fear right now is that Nate will in some way feel "Left Out" during this whole becoming a big bro thing. I want him to be comfortable and enjoy it as much as he can.

The first thing that came to my mind when we first found out that we would be becoming 4 was to make Nate a hospital bag.

Of course this started off small and then I couldn't stop :). We introduced the bag to Nate just the other night and he is VERY excited about it!!! He keeps going over to it and asking to "peek inside". I had a BLAST creating this bag and couldn't just stop with Nate! I also created one for Mr. Landon and Cara. I don't have many pics of their bag but you can check it out here. {It was pretty similar}

As for Nate's bag...

He has 2 toys for brother.

A Sippy cup for the hospital.

A disposable camara and brag book {we are planning on keeping Nate to his schedule and thought he would enjoy taking some pics into school}

Different books and activities for the hospital. Tried to stick to his interests. {He already has a I'm a big brother Joanna Cole so we got him the other Joanna Cole book ~ both VERY age appro. ~ although the new book is better for picture walks}

A drawing pad and Crayon carrier {this might be my new FAV gift}

I really hope that this comes in handy at the hospital and maybe adds something for Nate.

I am actually contemplating creating more of these to sale

and have one in mind for big sis too...

What do ya'll think? Would people buy these?


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