Official Boymoms!!!!

Mission ~ To get Cara the shirt I know she has wanted since she found out that she was having ANOTHER boy!

Plan A ~ Order the shirt so that it would be here in time for the shower.

Missed Plan A~ Preggo mind totally forgot to order the dang shirt!!!

Plan B ~ Order the shirt and pray to the good man upstairs that the shirt would arrive.

So Plan B it was~ I emailed Amy at boymom designs and asked if it could be here on time. Come to find out boymom designs is HERE in Dallas!!! We emailed back and forth trying to set up how I would get it.

Long story short ~ I get out of an ARD on a VERY rainy day and sitting in the office at my school {a good drive from them} is my bags...with the shirts inside!!! {They are both plural b/c there was NO way that I could order one for Cara and not grab one of these bad boys for myself }!

If you are a boymom and don't have one of these shirts...GO. GET. ONE. NOW!!! I mean it isn't too often that you find a cute store that also cares SO much about it's clients!!!

Thank you to Amy and Todd {who drove out to deliver the shirts}! It was AWESOME TO SEE Cara SO EXCITED!!!

Cara opening her gift.

Yep! She was excited!

I mean...seriously...C.U.T.E!

My new plan ~ to wear my shirt home from the hospital with my two little men in tow!

Here is the top that I chose...I can't WAIT to wear it!!!

Just TOO cute!


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